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18 Holes Of Golf

For all you golfing experts, why not have a round or two on your stag do. We...
Price from £ 70.00
18 Holes Of Golf Tallinn, Estonia 2019-03-30T06:53:39+02:00

5 A Side Football Pitch Hire

Regardless of whether you are at home or on holiday in Tallinn, there is always...
Price from £ 25.00
5 A Side Football Pitch Hire Tallinn, Estonia 2019-03-30T08:36:10+02:00

Archery Experience

Ever fancied being Robin Hood for the day? Well now’s your chance!...
Price from £ 36.00
Archery Experience Tallinn, Estonia 2019-03-30T11:47:43+02:00

Banana Rides

So you thinking about spending the day at the beach and want tsomething...
Price from £ 33.00
Banana Rides Tallinn, Estonia 2019-03-30T08:21:37+02:00

Canoeing Experience

These Canoes will take you on a journey on the Beaulieu River Nature Reserve...
Price from £ 30.00
Canoeing Experience Tallinn, Estonia 2019-03-29T21:14:17+02:00

Curling Experience

We got an activity so sexy and different that its ideal for any good stag do....
Price from £ 35.00
Curling Experience Tallinn, Estonia 2019-03-29T22:26:03+02:00

Demolition Derby

Being eager on doing something extreme and dangerous? If yes, this is what you...
Price from £ 119.00
Demolition Derby Tallinn, Estonia 2019-03-30T02:56:45+02:00

Diving Introduction

Before the dive you will get familirized with the equipment you’ll be...
Price from £ 63.00
Diving Introduction Tallinn, Estonia 2019-03-30T04:22:14+02:00

Firearms Shooting Basics

The Shooting Range is ready and waiting for you, and once you have been issued...
Price from £ 35.00
Firearms Shooting Basics Tallinn, Estonia 2019-03-30T06:23:30+02:00

Firearms Shooting Expert

Shooting is one of the most popular Tallinn stag activity.
Price from £ 65.00
Firearms Shooting Expert Tallinn, Estonia 2019-03-30T03:22:07+02:00

Firearms Shooting KGB Package

This package is a safe and fun way to try out 4 different types of firearms...
Price from £ 55.00
Firearms Shooting KGB Package Tallinn, Estonia 2019-03-30T09:01:10+02:00

Go Karting Experience Indoor

Enjoy the race with your friends in the newest indoor karting-center...
Price from £ 33.00
Go Karting Experience Indoor Tallinn, Estonia 2019-03-30T05:00:06+02:00

Go Karting Experience Outdoor

This great adrenalin fuelled activity takes place on an 730 meters long track...
Price from £ 39.00
Go Karting Experience Outdoor Tallinn, Estonia 2019-03-30T20:09:18+02:00

High Ropes Course

Feel like climbing and proving how strong you are. Then this is what you need.
Price from £ 34.00
High Ropes Course Tallinn, Estonia 2019-03-30T00:06:14+02:00

Hovercrafting Experience

Hovercrafts float on a cushion of air; hover across land and water!
Price from £ 60.00
Hovercrafting Experience Tallinn, Estonia 2019-03-30T15:17:42+02:00

Ice Skating

Ice Skating is becoming more and more popular in Tallinn. Whilst most open just...
Price from £ 25.00
Ice Skating Tallinn, Estonia 2019-03-30T03:49:13+02:00

Kayak Tour

Looking to get wet! Try a Kayak Tour on your Tallinn Stag Weekend
Price from £ 40.00
Kayak Tour Tallinn, Estonia 2019-03-30T06:06:18+02:00

Laser Tag Experience

Ever wanted to feel the rush of battle! Prepare yourself for an adrenaline...
Price from £ 16.00
Laser Tag Experience Tallinn, Estonia 2019-03-30T05:57:21+02:00

Motor Paintball

We guarantee a unique experience, with fun and memories that will last for a...
Price from £ 49.00
Motor Paintball Tallinn, Estonia 2019-03-30T20:02:13+02:00

Paintball With 200 Balls

Feel like a good run around shooting your mates with paint. Well we got a top...
Price from £ 35.00
Paintball With 200 Balls Tallinn, Estonia 2019-03-29T21:13:19+02:00

Parachute Tandem Jump

This opportunity of a lifetime is a full day stag event in Tallinn. The...
Price from £ 250.00
Parachute Tandem Jump Tallinn, Estonia 2019-03-30T16:48:15+02:00

Rally Co-driver Experience

This is a truly exhilarating and exciting Rally Experience! Drive a fully...
Price from £ 130.00
Rally Co-driver Experience Tallinn, Estonia 2019-03-30T09:34:54+02:00

Rally Driving Experience

With Extreme Rally you can have the Rally Driving experience, as it should be -...
Price from £ 90.00
Rally Driving Experience Tallinn, Estonia 2019-03-30T00:18:56+02:00

Rappelling Experience

Rappelling is one of the most dangerous techniques you can do when climbing.
Price from £ 50.00
Rappelling Experience Tallinn, Estonia 2019-03-30T20:25:42+02:00

RIB Experience

Try this adrenalin rushing thrilling coastal burst in one of the powerboats and...
Price from £ 39.00
RIB Experience Tallinn, Estonia 2019-03-30T13:27:52+02:00

Soviet Prison Afternoon

One of Russia's most imposing prisons during the times of the Soviet Union,...
Price from £ 45.00
Soviet Prison Afternoon Tallinn, Estonia 2019-03-30T01:39:37+02:00

Spa Recovery Afternoon

The ultimate hangover cure, feel revitalised and full of energy at this top...
Price from £ 24.00
Spa Recovery Afternoon Tallinn, Estonia 2019-03-30T00:18:53+02:00

Spa Recovry VIP

Spa Recovery is something you can’t miss and it’s the perfect...
Price from £ 26.00
Spa Recovry VIP Tallinn, Estonia 2019-03-29T22:22:30+02:00

Tallinn Quad Biking Experience

Compete your mates in quadbiking race on your Tallinn Stag Party!
Price from £ 58.00
Tallinn Quad Biking Experience Tallinn, Estonia 2019-03-30T03:33:25+02:00

Tallinn Sailing Cruise

The ships hold is well stowed with merry casks, lapping joyfully as the steward...
Price from £ 50.00
Tallinn Sailing Cruise Tallinn, Estonia 2019-03-30T05:58:21+02:00

Tallinn Segway Tour

What better way to explore Tallinn than gliding through its streets and paths...
Price from £ 30.00
Tallinn Segway Tour Tallinn, Estonia 2019-03-30T01:08:45+02:00

Ten Pin Bowling

Always popular and this game is perfect for you guys to hang out together and...
Price from £ 21.00
Ten Pin Bowling Tallinn, Estonia 2019-03-30T13:33:57+02:00

White Water Rafting

Are you into water sports? Are you looking to do something totally different on...
Price from £ 31.00
White Water Rafting Tallinn, Estonia 2019-03-30T17:41:25+02:00

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Hotels, activities, clubs, find what your’e looking for? Tailor makes every aspect of your weekend to the last details. All you need to do it let us know, where and when and we’ll organise the rest – we’ll even collect your groups payments for you.

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